omp H2 2020 Dates

If there ever was a perfect time for business owners to step back, reflect, and revamp their business it is now! This is exactly why the Owner Manager Program (omp) was developed.
The dates for omp in H2 2020 have been released with programs starting in Brisbane in early October and Sydney in mid October. NAB are also continuing to provide part scholarships for selected clients to complete the program. There are also some additional part scholarships for female business owners.

omp is built on a successful model that has been running for eight years in Australia and 19 years in New Zealand. The program focus has been adapted slighted to align with the world post COVID19.

New Program Dates

QLD - Program 16
7 Oct 2020 - 6 Mar 2021

NSW - Program 17
14 Oct 2020 - 13 Mar 2021

Here are 10 ways omp can help as business owners reflect and move out of COVID19

Reposition in changing markets

Revise Staff Practices and Structure

Rethink Your Business Model

Revamp Your Finances

Reengineer Your Operations

Re-organise Your Supply Chain

Reenergise Your Health and Wellbeing

Revisit Your Exit and Succession

Road-test Your Opportunities

Refocus Your Execution

Business Owners continue to describe omp as transformative. “There is a special kind of energy that occurs when you bring together a group of like-minded business owners,” said Australian Owner Manager Executive Director Rob Douglas. “Business Owners are often isolated and under-resourced, especially over the past few months. There is always a sense of energy in the room when participants realise other owners are facing similar opportunities and challenges as they are.”

“We connect participants with presenters who have real experience in creating extraordinary businesses. Participants find their tribe, reconnect with their passion and develop a clear blueprint of what to do next,”.

To find out if your business is suited to the Owner Manager Program or if you’re eligible for a NAB scholarship, please get in touch.