The Australian Owner Manager Program was created to facilitate new business growth, leadership and acceleration programs for Australian owners of privately owned businesses.

We have programs for owners of midsize and small businesses, managers and leaders and for our program alumni. See which of the following applies to you.

Owner Manager Program (OMP)

The Australian Owner Manager Program is an exclusive business program for owners for mid-sized private companies $3-$100m.  It follows a proven philosophy and process that has been tested and refined for more than a decade. The core of the program includes five x 3-day monthly residential workshops where business owners are challenged by their peers, facilitators, subject experts, coaches and mentors across a broad range of business topics. Click to read more about OMP.
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For information on dates, locations and pricing, please click here.

NAB business clients and female business owners may be eligible for a part scholarship. For more information, please click here.

Owner Manager Program NAB Scholarships
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The program allows you to step outside your business and see it differently – to provide perspective and clarity. There’s NEVER a good time to take time out of your business… but if you commit to it, the benefits pay you back for years to come.

As spoken by our OMP alumni… 

Jill Reilly of Feeling Well Pty Ltd – OMP2 initially balked at the idea of taking on the time commitments of a residential program. She says, “I got over that quickly…organised my life to be away. In fact, the residential nature of the arrangement is evil genius on the part of the program organisers – they knew that the group would bond out of necessity of being away together. Very clever.”

Joanne Payne of Sequel Drill and Blast Pty Ltd – OMP2 was hesitant at first at the prospect of stepping out of her business but came round to the idea. She said, “It is a big time commitment, but it teaches you that your world doesn’t fall apart either at three days a month, and that gives you added confidence in your staff.”

Australian Owner Manager Program - FAQ - Managing the Time Commitment
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Over the first three blocks, the program reviews the current position of your business taking into account a comprehensive financial and management analysis. The final two blocks explore the growth potential and leadership in your business as well as a marketing review and a review of your personal health.

This is a residential-only program with offerings in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. As it is a fully emersive program with hands on activities and activations, we do not offer any of the program online.

There are two highly skilled facilitators that lead the program by challenging every aspect of the business. Throughout the five months, you’ll also hear from and be engaged with dozens of experts and speakers. You can also click here to meet the Australian Owner Manager Advisory Board.

Australian Owner Manager Program- FAQ - Facilitators & Speakers
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The Owner Manager Program isn’t an academic certificate with theoretical assessments, essays and tests. In fact, it’s the absolute opposite. It’s entirely practical, focused, immersive and about helping YOU and your business grow.

If you’re feeling anxious about the idea of participating in a program like this, click to schedule a call with our program director to discuss these concerns and learn more about how the program is run.

Australian Owner Manager Program - FAQ - Academic Concerns
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In NAB’s words – “As Australia’s biggest business bank, NAB has been acutely aware of the challenges facing the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector post-COVID19. NAB recognises the critical role these businesses play in the health and growth of Australia’s economy moving forward and are keen to support these businesses.”
To read more about NAB’s involvement and information on NAB part scholarships for OMP, click here.

Owner Manager Program NAB Scholarships
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There are hundreds of courses out there for business owners – the vast majority of which are theoretical at best. The Owner Manager Program (OMP) is the absolute opposite – it’s entirely practical, it’s focused, it’s immersive and it’s about helping you and your business grow.

Absolutely not. If you are still the owner manager and have stake in your business, the Owner Manager Program is for you. One of our target clients are those looking to transition their business in some way, as you do as you head towards the end of the your career.

At the conclusion of the Owner Manager Program participants feel invigorated, motivated, re-engaged and inspired within their business. They have clarity and direction for the future and have made incredible connections with their peers and facilitators. By popular request, we created two programs available exclusively to our OMP alumni, OMP+ and OMX.

OMP+ is an annual program that includes quarterly one-day/night blocks including panel and content sessions and online access to online tools, templates, and resources. Through a flexible annual subscription, you participate in quarterly (or less) panel-style in-person catch ups to review how your personal and business progress, revise and adapt if necessary and be challenged by your peers and facilitators. It’s like an ongoing peer advisory board without any vested interests. Click here for more information.

OMX is an annual 3-day intensive program, exclusive to OMP alumni. Each year new core topics are chosen as focus areas from topics such as Leadership & People, Tech Integration, Product & Service Offering, Market Analysis & Business Models, Business Processes, Governance, Finance & Capital, and Resilience & Wellbeing. Click here for more information.

Eligible businesses range from revenues of $3m-$100m, with between 20-200 employees.

OMP participants come from a range of industries, including trade, construction, business services, farming, manufacturing, retail and many more.