Adrian Connors & NE Food Group's New Project

An iconic Mackay brand Byrne's Pie Factory has been bought by the owners of The Dispensary and NE Food Group - Lyn, Damien and Adrian Connors.

Damien said the decision to purchase the business happened very quickly. "It was only about a month ago [June 2019] when mum ran into Rhondell in the supermarket and they had a chat about the business," he said.

The Byrne's Pie Factory brand is very important to the Connors and to many in the Mackay community. She said purchasing the business was a way of ensuring an integral part of Mackay history would not become a thing of the past.

"This is a very important move for our business, we have done catering and restaurant work, but I think the pie is iconic to Australia. It is an 'every man's' food. "The Byrne's pie has played an important role in Mackay's history and I am excited that we can now take care of this company and give the factory a new life with all of the same old town values,"

Read the full story here, originally published in the Daily Mercury.

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