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The Owner Manager Program is coming to Victoria in 2018 [Completed]

After fifteen successful years the Owner Manager Program is now coming to Melbourne in 2018. The program has run with a Net Promoter Score of 92 (max 100) and received rave reviews:

“Within a couple of hours of sitting down, I thought ‘Strap yourself in, this is going to be really good’.”

Craig Percival – Woollam Constructions

“Every mid-sized Australian business owner should have access to a program like this,” said Rob Douglas, Executive Director of Australian Owner Manager. “We know that mid-sized Australian businesses have extraordinary potential, yet so many government and other initiatives in the market are focused on startups. The great thing about mid-market businesses is that they have established customer bases and access to resources to grow and transform”.

“If I hadn’t done that program I don’t think I would have had the courage to look at some of the avenues that I’ve pursued… they taught me where I needed to go and what I needed to do.”

Joanne Payne – Sequel Drill and Blast Pty Ltd

Launching the Australian Owner Manager Program in Melbourne will make it more accessible to a greater range of mid-sized business owners. “We reached a point where half the program group was flying in from other locations for a number of the programs,” said Rob. “For many business owners travel to undertake the program was an impediment to participation.”

The program brings like-minded business owners together with two highly skilled facilitators and 30+ experts to challenge every aspect of their business. The program is about the business owner and their business, and moving things forward. And because everyone in the room is an owner of a mid-sized business they develop a very deep connection with valuable and supportive contacts.

“Part of the success of the Owner Manager Program lies in the process we follow,” said Rob. “There is an alchemy that occurs when you take a group of like-minded individuals out of their everyday lives and challenge them with the tools and knowledge they need to excel. The program runs across eight months so each group becomes deeply invested in helping each other succeed.”

“Return on investment? We would have got that money back 10-fold in 12 months.”

Rob Kneebone – ABP Group

The Owner Manager Program is unlike anything most business owners have ever experienced. It is much more comprehensive than hiring a single coach or consultant and the content is deeper than a standard monthly business group or network. It is entirely practical, focused, immersive and all about helping businesses grow and business owners establish balance.

Over eight months business owners examine the current state of their business, fine-tune and improve their existing business functions, and identify opportunities to create or transform for the future. 

“It delivered in all respects – yeah I was pretty impressed.”

Adam Dilworth – Fruitlink Pty Ltd

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