"We would have got that money back tenfold by now"

Owner Manager Program Alumni Rob Kneebone of ABP Group recently sat down with us to discuss how his business has improved since he completed the Owner Manager Program in 2016. 

Rob admitted before he began the program he was fed up with his business and lacking motivation. "After listening to everyone else's experiences I realised I wasn't alone, everyone has their ups and downs," he said. 

The Owner Manager Program had a dramatic impact on how Rob managed his business and led him to rethink his core business processes, outsource office functions, reduce overheads and changed the way he ordered and stocked raw materials. 

"We've had substantial growth in certain areas of the business," he said. "When you tack that on to the reduced costs of the office overheads... things are looking really good."

When asked about his return on investment Rob said in the past six months "We would have got that money back tenfold by now."

Rob's advice for anyone considering the Owner Manager Program? "Go for it. You've got nothing to lose. The biggest benefit is listening to other people's experiences and knowing when you put your hand up and you ask a question that four or five people will say 'Ah yeah, I've had that problem too'."