Owner Manager Program | Accountants

Australian Owner Manager works closely with a range of accountants who are keen to help their clients beyond offering compliance and tax advice.

Accountants know all too well the challenges and pressures business owners battle each day. They often find themselves in a unique position to offer advice and guidance to ease their client’s concerns and help them build better businesses. 

By introducing their clients to the programs and courses offered by Australian Owner Manager, accountants can help transform their clients’ businesses. Following completion of a program, accountants will be able to further support their clients by assisting them to implement financial structures, build value and make the most of new opportunities.

Working with Australian Owner Manager not only benefits your clients, but also your own practice. As your clients’ businesses get stronger, so too will your own. Together we can guide business owners to a more sustainable and fulfilling future.  

Finance for Owners and Managers Masterclass
"It's the best business course I've ever done. It's the best course I've ever done.”
Susan Cottrell | OMP Alumni
Susan Cottrell | The Body Refinery
OMP Alumni

What are your clients saying?

How do I actually spend
more time working ON the business
rather than in it
I want to find and make the most of
new opportunities
I need help
finding and managing staff
I want clarity and confidence, am I
heading in the right direction?
I like to learn and
continually improve
I want to better prepare myself to
take over from my parents
How can I prepare my business for
exit or sale?
I want my life back and to have
more time for me and my family
Sometimes I
doubt my abilities
as a business owner
I feel
lonely and a bit isolated
as a business owner
My business has
How do I take it to the
next level?
I've lost the
I once had for my business

Life Changing Programs

Australian Owner Manager offers a range of programs designed specifically for owners of private businesses and their managers. Discover more about each program below. 

The Owner Manager Program is Australia’s leading program for owners of private businesses looking for personal and business growth.

The Finance for Owners & Managers is a two-day business simulation specifically designed for business owners and managers. It will have your clients talking your language in no time!

The OM Leadership Program is Australia’s only leadership program specifically designed for managers in privately-owned businesses.

OM Masterclasses and Short Courses will revolutionise how you understand critical business fundamentals. Topics include Finance, People & Culture, Marketing and more…

How can you help?

Give your clients the tools, knowledge and application they need to build the business and life they want.

All our programs are tailored specifically for owners and managers in private business. They will walk away with the clarity, confidence and connections they need to take their business exactly where they want to go – with you there to support them along the way. 

Part-Scholarships for Accountants & their Clients

Australian Owner Manager provides accountants a unique opportunity to offer their clients a part-scholarship to participate in the Australian Owner Manager programs. The value of these part-scholarships ranges in value dependent on the program or course chosen (ranging from $400 to $3000). Accountants will also find great value in attending the programs and can apply for the part-scholarships where applicable. 

To learn more about working with us or applying for a part-scholarship, let’s schedule a chat. 

NSW Program 2024 Scholarship

Australian Owner Manager is giving two (2) accountants who are business owners an opportunity to apply for a part-scholarship to attend the next NSW program valued at $5000.

For more information or to apply for the part-scholarship click the button below. 

Clarity and Direction

“This course has given me clarity, it’s given me answers to all my questions around how to get to where we need to go”…

Glen Grohn from JAC Civil says the quality and commitment of the OMP facilitators and presenters is second to none.

He says, “There is nothing more important than a business owner has to do then this (course).”

Take a moment to listen to Glen’s feedback after completing the OMP…

You’re just one call away from helping your clients build better businesses...

Now is the perfect time for business owners to step back, reflect, adapt, and build a better business in a changing world. The Australian Owner Manager programs and courses are designed to help owners do just that.

We believe that by working together, you can be instrumental in guiding your clients to a more sustainable and fulfilling future. 

To understand more about this opportunity and how our programs transform the lives of business owners, let’s schedule a chat. 

Rob Douglas | Executive Director

Rob Douglas | Owner Manager Program Director

It's worth every penny...

“It is worth every penny when you’re walking out of it. The return on investment you make here will just be made so quickly when you walk back into your own business.”

Kendall Tait from Tait Auto Group shares her experience with the Owner Manager Program. She says this course was the best decision she made for the business and for herself moving forward. 

“Don’t hesitate. You’ll never look back.”

Take a moment to listen to Kendall’s feedback since completing the OMP.