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An innovative management and leadership program, OM Leadership Program is designed for managers and senior staff of privately-owned companies to develop practical personal and business leadership skills.

The OM Leadership Program (OML) is a unique residential course specifically designed to address the challenges, opportunities and unique circumstances of leading and managing within privately owned businesses.

Facilitated by industry leaders, the course was designed to empower senior managers to play a greater role in business growth and direction. While undertaking the program, managers further develop practical business leadership skills. They also build a strong network of other senior leaders from private companies across a range of industries. In addition, participants complete a project that adds real value to the business.

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Return to the business with a fresh perspective that invigorates you, your team and your staff. Get excited about the possibilities. Become empowered to play a greater role in the growth and direction of the business.

Cultivate a network of leaders in privately owned businesses throughout Australia. Our alumni stay in touch with each other long after the course. They have formed a bond of understanding and support. The most valuable network of its kind.

Australian Owner Manager programs teaches you to open your mind and see your work through an entirely different prism. This gives you the chance to step away from it for a small period of time to discover the potential. 

Highly skilled facilitators challenge every aspect of your business, maintain focus on the core issues, tease out the solutions with the assistance of the group. 

The Course

The OM Leadership Program (OML) is designed specifically for managers in privately-owned businesses. These are managers who want to refine their leadership skills and contribute to the success of the business.

The program grew out of the highly successful Australian Owner Manager Program (OMP). There was a recognition that business owners need senior managers with the capabilities to drive the business forward.

Many existing leadership programs are designed for middle or senior managers within large corporate and government organisations. The reality is that leading or managing within a privately owned owner-led business is quite different.

Historically corporate leadership programs have been heavily focused on theoretical personal and people leadership concepts. This gives participants a framework in which they are left to work out the day-to-day application. The Owner Manager Leadership Program is the opposite… It focuses on leading the business and the everyday application of practical leadership principles.

With this approach, participants gain a better understanding of the challenges of an owner manager. They learn how to think strategically to contribute to growing a business.

What is it?

OM Leadership Program is a 7-day residential leadership program broken up into two 3-day blocks, and one full day block over a three month period. This allows you to reflect, learn and apply business leadership principles as the course progresses.

In a unique, practical learning environment you’ll develop yourself and refine your skills as a leader. Also focusing on what drives success in your role, your team and the business.

Develop your personal and business skills and become empowered to play a greater role in the growth and direction of the business in which you are working.

In the program, you will refine your leadership style and complete a project that adds real value to the business. By the end of the program, you will have built a strong network of other senior leaders from a range of industries.

Course Modules
The Owner Manager Leadership Program is conducted in three day blocks, once a month, over a two month period. During each block, participants are immersed in facilitated sessions that include exposure to subject experts, guest speakers and business mentors. A one day workshop is conducted six weeks after the last block as a recap and follow up.
Block 1 - Driving Business Success (3 days)
  • Business planning and execution
  • Lean thinking – driving productivity and efficiency
  • Understanding the business models – key performance indicators, balanced scorecard, leverage opportunities
  • Principles of marketing – understanding your customer
  • Knowing the numbers – key principles of accounting and finance
  • Building successful teams
Block 2 - Managing and Measuring Performance (3 days)
  • Reflection and evaluation of personal performance and effectiveness
  • Employment relations and employment law
  • Management skills, interpersonal skills
  • Sound people practices
  • Managing change and transition
  • Developing workplace culture
  • Technology
  • Leadership feedback
  • Communication skills and development
Block 3 - Resilience (1 day)
  • Wellbeing & Reslience
  • Projects
  • Motivation & Celebration

Business Owners join for afternoon presentations and dinner.

  • Learn techniques to improve leadership, communication and management skills.
  • Understand the challenges of an owner manager, and how to think strategically to contribute to growing a business.
  • Grasp a fundamental understanding of systems, marketing, finance and operations.
  • Develop a project focused on a tangible challenge within your business.
  • Grow a strong network of other successful senior leaders, facilitators and business experts.
  • It is a unique learning environment which combines practical learning, academic expertise and real world experience.
How is it different from other programs?
OML is…
  • Specifically designed for senior managers in owner-managed businesses (as opposed to people in government or corporate organisations).
  • Based on concepts to help you lead the business rather than just lead people.
  • Applied, participants apply the learning over time and report back, rather than a “one hit wonder” day or week course.
  • Practical, all the facilitators and presenters focus on the practical application of knowledge, not just knowledge itself.
Facilitators and Presenters

The OM Leadership Program uses similar models and approaches that are used as part of the Owner Manager Program. This approach ensures participants are gaining practical knowledge from experts and that their learning is aligned with the outcomes of the OMP.


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