OMX 2022

Owner Manager Exchange (OMX) 2022 is the next level business course designed exclusively for alumni of the Owner Manager Program.

Owner Manager Program alumni have confidence in the program structure and it’s success. It allows you to objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Additionally, it equips you with the tools and connections you need to quickly implement positive change and to move your business forward.

The format, content and structure of OMX is continually updated based on participant feedback. OMX builds on the foundation created by the Owner Manager Program. It allows you to maintain momentum year on year by creating new opportunities for you to step outside of your business. Lastly, it encourages you to be challenged by experts and peers and reflect on where your business is heading.

OMX is only open to OMP alumni (and their partners) and creates the perfect platform for you to make more connections with other mid-sized business owners.

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Similar to the Owner Manager Program, take a holistic view of your business, your role and you.

Owner Manager Exchange

The unique set of tools that are provided in OMX allow you to further analyse and fine tune your business operations achieving tangible results.

Owner Manager Exchange

OMX allows you to continue to expand your network of other business owners. Just like OMP you will form an ongoing bond of understanding and support.

OMX gives you more opportunities to continue to reflect and focus on your work-life balance.

OMX 2022 (1-3 June 2022)

OMX is a 3-day (1-3 June 2022) intensive program. Each year new core topics are chosen as focus areas from topics such as Leadership & People, Tech Integration, Product & Service Offering, Market Analysis & Business Models, Business Processes, Governance, Finance & Capital, and Resilience & Wellbeing.

OMX2022 will focus on: 

  • Pricing models and strategies
  • Customer and Supplier Negotiations
  • People and Performance
  • Personal Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Business Technology and Business Roadblocks
  • Personal Resilience, managing stress and engaging emotions. 

Who is it for?

The program is designed for alumni of the Australian Owner Manager Program who want to reflect on their journey and be challenged in their thinking about themselves and their business. OMX will continue to fuel the fire that started with the Owner Manager Program.

What is it?

Many OMP alumni have asked for a another course to reflect on how they’re going and challenge them on their growth journey.

The OMX content is designed and adapted to ensure it is reflective of market challenges and aligned with the needs of the participating Owner Manager Program graduates. OMX also provides a forum for alumni to build new networks in a format that is familiar and invigorating. The ideas and thinking will be fresh and relevant, and the chemistry of the participants and mentors for each program is unique.

Built on the revised format developed in 2020, in OMX 2022 you’ll have the opportunity to spend quality time with experienced business owners across three days, participate in group discussions following presentations of best practice case studies, reflect on the state of you and your business and plan for your future with input from industry experts. The program allows for plenty of room to apply these learnings to your business.

How does it work?

The three-day residential program follows an adapted version of the OMP blocks. Each session includes presentations and discussions to explore the learning and application of the content to each business. The format allows owners to:

  • Discuss the state of your business, revisiting where you were at the end of the Owner Manager Program, where you are now, and what the future holds
  • Be challenged by your peers, facilitators, presenters and guest speakers on an individual basis
  • Get more in-depth advice, feedback and ideas related to specific areas of your business
  • Plan for the future in each session with help and input from business advisors
  • Share reflections, thoughts and advice with other business owners and mentors
  • Be challenged personally on your individual style, performance, and resilience


Spicers Hidden Vale, Grandchester, QLD

For many of you, re-live the OMP Spicers experience just an hour west of Brisbane. You’ll feel that sense of relaxed Spicers luxury as soon as you arrive. 

See more on the Spicers website. 

Spicers Hidden Vale


Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application you agree to the following terms and conditions and agree that you will be liable for the program fee (as outlined above) if your application is accepted.

The program fee is $4,275 plus GST per owner. The fee includes all materials, facilitation, assessment costs, food and single occupancy luxury accommodation for Weds, and Thurs (optional Spouse/ Partner fee of $649 excluding GST covers shared occupancy and spouses meals, doesn’t include program participation). The only additional costs that participants are liable for are travel to the venue and beverages.

Confidentiality is very important on the Owner Manager Exchange Program. All participants sign a mutual confidentiality agreement as part of participation on the program. In addition how much you share with other participants, facilitators or advisers on the program is at your discretion.

If there looks to be a conflict of interest between two companies that may be competitive, we will discuss options to reduce conflicts with those affected.

As we incur substantial costs prior to the commencement of a program, the following policy applies to variations and cancellations. All cancellations must be received in writing by the Executive Director, Australian Owner Manager.

  • More than 90 days prior to the program start – full refund
  • Less than 90 days prior to the program start – any funds you have paid in addition to your 10% deposit will be transferred to the next Owner Manager Exchange Program.
  • After program start – no refund, you will be liable for the full program fee. Transfer to another program may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Australian Owner Manager reserves the right to cancel programs due to unforeseen circumstances, and will provide participants with as much notice as possible in such circumstances. If a program is cancelled, 100% of the program fee paid will be refunded. Australian Owner Manager is not responsible for any expenses that may have been incurred in attending or related to the attendance of a program.

If a program is unable to start due to COVID-19, we will give you the option of a full refund or transfer to an alternative program. If COVID-19 disrupts a program mid term, we will adjust the dates of the program with the approval of the group to allow the program to continue face to face. If an individual participant is unwell and unable to participate due to COVID we will work with that individual around refund and transfer options. We WILL NOT revert to an online model.

As part of the program we often take group photos or videos for publicity, publications, or display. If you are included in these photos or videos you agree to their use as outlined above and that you do not have an interest in the copyright to the photograph(s) or payment for your appearance in them. We will confer with you prior to using any image of you.
You agree that our liability for any and all loss or damage suffered by you (in aggregate) (whether direct, indirect or special) in connection with the Australian Owner Manager Program will be limited to the total Program fee paid to us. You agree to release us from all claims arising in connection with the Program to the extent that our liability in respect of such claims would exceed this amount. In addition you assume all responsibility and liability for damage you cause to any Australian Owner Manager or Third Party’s property while participating in the Owner Manager Exchange Program.
The success of the Owner Manager Exchange Program is in part based on an appropriate relationship between all of the participants in the program. As such if you fail to treat staff or other program participants with tolerance and respect, or you engage in behaviour that is unlawful, discriminatory, sexually inappropriate, bullying, harassing, invades another’s privacy or causes any person to fear for their personal safety, your participation in the program may be reviewed and after such review you may be removed from the program.
The information is collected for the primary purpose of registering your attendance and delivering the Owner Manager Exchange Program offered by Australian Owner Manager. Other purposes of collection include the creation or modification of a record on the participant database, attending to administrative matters, corresponding with you, informing you of future activities or events and de-identified statistical analyses. Australian Owner Manager may also disclose your name and contact details to the University of Queensland or the Icehouse for rankings, accreditation, and alumni relations purposes. Finally your contact information (name and address) may be provided to third party contractors that are performing services on our behalf such as (but not limited to) facilitators, customer satisfaction and market research providers. Your information may also be stored on servers that are located overseas such as cloud based IT service providers. You have a right to access personal information that Australian Owner Manager holds about you, subject to any exceptions in relevant legislation. If you wish to seek access to your personal information, please contact us.