Alumni Stories

The Owner Manager Program is life-changing... hear what our alumni have to say!

Kendall Tait | Tait Motors

“Don’t hesitate. You’ll never look back.” Kendall Tait from Tait Auto Group shares her experience with the Owner Manager Program. She says this course was the best decision she made for the business and for herself moving forward. 

Liam Tovey | Brilliant Prints

Liam Tovey from Brilliant Prints says OMP gave him the direction he was looking for to know the next steps for both himself and his business.

Glen Grohn | JAC Civil

Glen Grohn from JAC Civil says the quality and commitment of the OMP facilitators and presenters is second to none. He says, “I would recommend that any owner manager at any stage in their business enrol in this program.”

Clinton Smith | CJ Smith Homes

After receiving a number of direct referrals, Clinton Smith from CJ Smith Homes completes OMP18. He says this course has rounded him out personally, as well as giving him the tools to easily take his business to the next level.

Ross Larsson | Mara Global Foods

Ross Larsson from Mara Global Foods shares a few reflections on the Australian Owner Manager Program.

Luke | Ashley Cooper Construction

Luke Ashley-Cooper owns Ashley Cooper Construction, a Brisbane based construction company. Here he explains how the Owner Manager Program has improved his confidence as a business owner and been a proven success for his business.

Susan Cottrell | The Body Refinery

Susan Cottrell from The Body Refinery says she wishes she jumped in and did the program years ago!

Adrian Connors | NE FOOD Group

Owner Manager Program Alumni, Adrian Connors from NE FOOD Group, explains how it has helped him in many aspects of his life.

Peter Matthews | Solar Service Guys

Peter Matthews of multi-award winning Solar Service Guys, shares how completing the Owner Manager Program has helped him and his business grow. He also shares why he recommends the Owner Manager Program to all entrepreneurs.

Kelvin MacDonald | ADMA Group

Kelvin MacDonald from ADMA Group, who recently completed the Owner Manager Program, talks about the benefits he and his business have already noticed.

Joanne Payne | Sequel Drill & Blast

Joanne Payne, formerly General Manager of Sequel Drill & Blast shares her experiences during her time undertaking the OMP.

Matt McGuire | McGuire Hotels

Matt McGuire is the owner and operator of McGuire Hotels, a family owned and operated business that has been running for over 110 years. He shares how completing the Owner Manager Program has helped his professional and personal development.

Joel Diss | Fitout Glass & Aluminium

Joel Diss of Fitout Glass & Aluminium, a Brisbane based company, that has been running since 2015. He explains how valuable the Owner Manager Program has been to him as a business owner and how it has helped his business grow.

Rob Kneebone | ABP Group

Rob Kneebone of the ABP Group sits down to discuss how he and his business benefited from the Owner Manager Program.

Dan Everson | Dan Everson Podiatry

Long standing Podiatrists and Orthotics expert on the Gold Coast, Dan Everson, talks about how the Owner Manager Program helped him and his business.

Craig Percival | Woollam Constructions

Craig Percival, Managing Director Woollam Constructions, explains how the Owner Manager program helped him improve his business.

David and Prue Pring | Post Form Laminating

Husband and wife team, David and Prue from Post Form Laminating, share how they benefitted from completing the Owner Manager Program.

Marco Bianchi | Eurofurn

Marco Bianchi of the Eurofurn explains how the Owner Manager Program has boosted his confidence as a business owner.

Case Studies

Woollam Constructions

“At the start, I held back a little bit because I’d had such a positive experience and thought maybe it was just me. But not long after, I spoke to some mates of mine from Mackay who had done the OMP too and they gushed about it. So since then, I’ve really opened up to people about the impact it’s had on me.”

– Craig Percival – Woollam Constructions – OMP01

Sequel Drill and Blast

“It is a big time commitment, but it teaches you that your world doesn’t fall apart either at three days a month, and that gives you added confidence in your staff.”

– Joanne Payne – Sequel Drill and Blast – OMP02