Finance for Owners & Managers

Master business budgeting, forecasting, analysis and strategy like you've never experienced before.

The Finance for Owners & Managers is a two-day business simulation specifically designed for business owners and managers. This Masterclass will revolutionise how you understand business financials, build value, and align company operations. 

The interactive simulated face-to-face learning activities will have you acting in all areas of a company to understand how ‘finance’ is the measure of business performance and a key factor in business decision-making. With 25 years of development, the Masterclass simulation is fine-tuned to help business owners and managers build ongoing business value.

This course is recognised and practiced at institutions around the world, including Purdue University and Texas A&M University. Hundreds of leading brands have trusted Finance for Owners & Managers including Coca-Cola, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Michelin, Motorola, OshKosh, BASF and more.

Finance for Owners and Managers Masterclass

Integrated to understand financial effects on all business areas

It’s face-to-face with genuinely expert facilitators

Practical and designed for immediate application in a real business environment

Targeted to the specific needs of business owners and managers


This Masterclass was designed to ensure business owners and managers understand the financial implications of decisions in all the major areas of a company: production, service delivery, new products & services , sales and marketing, management, and finance. 

They see what leaders must do in response to change and develop ‘decision making awareness’ i.e. they experience how a decision in one area of a business can impact the ability to make good decisions in other areas and overall business value. Most of all, they understand and gain hands-on practice with the financial and analysis tools they need to achieve the company’s strategic plans.

Why participate?

Business Owners and Managers gain hands-on practice with financial analysis and planning tools, examine market drivers, competitor awareness, strategic analysis, update business plans in response to changes in the industry and marketplace, as well as financial literacy including budgeting, cashflow and performance measurement and analysis.

Participants will learn:

  • To understand & analyse Financial Statements
  • Financial drivers and strategies for different business types
  • Cashflow and profitability analysis
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • The value of budgets and cash-flow forecasts
  • Impact of inventory build-up
  • The need to control working capital
  • Pricing strategies   
  • Break-even analysis & contribution margins
  • Income statement analysis
  • ROA, ROI and other metrics
  • Financial strategies leading to exit and succession
  • KPIs used at your company to gauge performance
  • Financial ramifications of market changes
Learning Model

The simulation consists of a number of diverse business cycles in which groups of participants have full decision-making power and are held accountable for the results.

In each cycle, groups develop and implement a business strategy which incorporates real-world dynamics: production or service capacity, customers, prices, financing, and more. Each cycle includes:

  • Examining market drivers: Supply and demand and niche marketing
  • Competitor awareness, setting prices in a competitive market
  • Ongoing strategic analysis, updating the business plan in response to changes in the industry and in the marketplace
  • Budget and cash flow exercises
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Maintaining the ‘books’ of the operating company (Income Statement and Balance Sheet)
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Posting, comparing, and discussion of results
Lead Facilitator: Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson has been delivering programs to leaders of Fortune 500 companies in Australia, China, and the greater Asia region for over a decade. He holds Fellowship status with both of Australia’s two peak accountancy bodies and is Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In addition, he has several post graduate qualifications in Business and Education including having had registrations in taxation, finance, investing and business practice.

For many decades Barry was the senior partner in a Public Accounting Practice which specialised in supporting the management of numerous businesses in achieving their corporate goals. Now retired from public practice, he divides his time between mentoring and the 12 Directorships he currently holds for companies throughout Australia, Asia, and Pacific Island States.

How is it different?

This is a highly interactive practical face-to-face masterclass led by genuine business experts who will help you get real results. You won’t find any spreadsheets or boring lectures; from the moment you arrive you will be interacting with people to develop strategic analysis and financial literacy to drive value in your business.

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