Small Business Owner Program

A unique business program for owners of small private companies, $750k-$3m.

The Small Business Owner (SBO) program was created in response to significant interest from the owners of smaller businesses interested in a intensive development program similar to the Owner Manager Program to develop and enhance their business capability and skills.

The Small Business Owner Program is designed specifically for the owners of small businesses with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of a small business environment.

It is designed for small business owners who are looking to build a business that is aligned with their specific goals and objectives while increasing their skills and capability to improve the business and foster better balance in life.

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The Small Business Owner Program (SBO) has been created for business owners in Australia looking to take their business to the next level while building greater balance with their personal life and aspirations.


Why should you undertake the Small Business Owner Program?

Proven success: Australian Owner Manager has developed a formula for business owner growth and improvement which has been proven by hundreds of business owners and leaders. This program will change you and how you operate in your business and will offer you practical skills and knowledge from leading experts, that can be applied to help take your business to the next level.

Relevant to the real business world: Great care is taken to ensure like-minded participants are chosen for each program from a range of different industries. All participants are successful owners of SMEs who are looking to improve themselves in a practical, hands-on program focused on providing clarity, refining and developing skills and knowledge to create valuable business opportunities and growth, with a recognition that ‘what got you here won’t always get you there’.

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Who is it for?

I am a
Small Business Owner
I need to help to
Improve & Transition
my business in some way
I want increased
Confidence and Motivation
I want to
Learn and Grow Myself
and the business
I feel isolated and want
Clarity on Where to Next
for my business
I work
Long Hours
and have poor life/work balance
I want to spend
More time working ON the business
rather than in it
I want to
with other business owners & experts
I need to
Lead Well and Keep My Team
engaged and successful

Become the business owner you want to be. Build the business you want to own.

2022 is the perfect time for business owners to step back, reflect, adapt, and build a better business in a changing world. The Small Business Owner program is designed to help you do just that.

The program will guide you to become the owner you want to be and continue to develop the business that you own. The clarity, confidence, and connections will change you and your business.

“Decades of experience has shown us that if we can challenge an owner to reflect, change, and improve, we arm them with greater clarity, confidence, skills, and connections to move their business forward. We take great care to connect a diverse group of business owners from a range of different industries that are looking to improve themselves and their business.”

Rob Douglas | Executive Director

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