Small Business Owner Program

A life-changing improvement program exclusive to the
owners of small businesses

The Small Business Owner (SBO) is designed for owners of small businesses with revenues between $750k – $3m, who are looking to improve their business skills and motivation, and gain a clear focus for the future.

SBO was created and designed specifically in response to significant interest from the owners of smaller businesses requesting an intensive development program like the highly successful, Owner Manager Program.

With a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of a small business environment, its design aligns with small business owners’ specific goals and objectives while increasing their skills and capability to improve the business and foster a better life balance.

Small Business Owner Program (SBO)

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Why should you undertake the Small Business Owner Program?

Running a small business certainly comes with plenty of challenges, and it can be lonely at the top. How do you improve your skills? Where do you find connections to share experiences and understand the pressures of the business? 

Proven success: Australian Owner Manager has developed a proven formula to help business owners’ self-growth and improvement. This program will change how you operate in your business and offer you practical skills and knowledge from leading experts, to be applied to help take your business to the next level.

Relevant to the real business world: All selected participants are successful owners of small to medium enterprises from different industries looking to improve themselves. SBO offers a practical, hands-on approach that provides owners with clarity and direction. The program refines and develops skills and knowledge to create valuable business opportunities and growth – with a recognition that what got you here, won’t always get you there.

Learn more about the approach taken, subject matters, investment, and entry criteria by clicking below.

Who is it for?

I am a
Small Business Owner
I need to help to
Improve & Transition
my business in some way
I want increased
Confidence and Motivation
I want to
Learn and Grow Myself
and the business
I feel isolated and want
Clarity on Where to Next
for my business
I work
Long Hours
and have poor life/work balance
I want to spend
More time working ON the business
rather than in it
I want to
with other business owners & experts
I need to
Lead Well and Keep My Team
engaged and successful

Become the business owner you want to be. Build the business you want to own.

There’s never been a better time for business owners to step back, reflect, adapt, and build a better business in a changing world. The Small Business Owner program will help you do just that.

The program will guide you to become the owner you want to be and help continue developing your own business. The clarity, confidence, and connections will change you and your business.

“Decades of experience have shown us that, if we can challenge an owner to step back, reflect, and develop themselves, we can arm them with greater clarity, confidence, capability, and connections to move their business forward. “

Rob Douglas | Executive Director

Request More Information including Dates, Locations and Pricing