Female Business Owner Scholarship

It’s a fact, there are considerably fewer female owners of mid-sized businesses with an annual turnover of $3m – $100m in Australia than males. However, to foster the best learning and course environment for everyone, we prefer gender diversity in the room. For these reasons, the Owner Manager Program is proud to provide up to two (2) scholarships per program to female business owners.

We strongly support the growing number of female business owners in Australia and want to encourage more women to find balance and growth for their businesses and themselves.

Owning and operating a business is full of challenges, especially when it feels like the system is working against you. Women, more than men, often struggle with;

  • Finding a balance between their family commitments and those of their business.
  • Delegating responsibility so they can work on the business rather than in the day-to-day operations.
  • Securing finance for business investment.
  • Celebrating the wins and success.

However, female business owners also have tremendous strengths and are proven to be exceptional leaders and innovators. It is for these reasons we want to see more women find the balance they deserve, the clarity they need and the support network that will give them the drive to succeed.

The Owner Manager Program is designed specifically for mid-sized business owners in Australia who are looking for personal and business growth. The program is highly practical, immersive and results-driven.

The Owner Manager Program will give female business owners the tools, applications and connections to deal with their business challenges and provide a plan for a more balanced and prosperous future.

Before applying for the Female Business Owner Scholarship, we encourage you to book a call with Program Director, Rob Douglas to discuss whether the Owner Manager Program is right for you.

Female Business Owners Scholarship

Owner Manager Program offers up to two (2) Female Business Scholarships per program. The scholarship is worth $3000 per recipient and is deducted from the total cost of the program fees. 

How to Apply for Female Business Owners Scholarship

Once you’re ready to commit to the Owner Manager Program, please complete the Female Business Scholarship Application Form below. Should you be successful, you will be contacted to confirm your registration details.

Application Due Date

All part-scholarship applications must be completed at least 21 days prior to the program commencement date.

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