Back to Business Post COVID19

The Australian economy has seen the largest disruption in a generation. Now is the time for business owners to rethink and revamp, adapt and transform, and get back to business in a changing world.

The Owner Manager Program (OMP) is a unique program that forces business owners to step back, analyse and adapt every aspect of their business to ensure they are “on the money” – particularly in the changing world post-COVID19.

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NAB Support

NAB are offering their business banking customers a limited number of part scholarships for the Australian Owner Manager Program.

As Australia’s biggest business bank, NAB has been acutely aware of the challenges facing the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector post-COVID19. NAB recognises the critical role these businesses play in the health and growth of Australia’s economy moving forward and are keen to support these businesses.

One mechanism to help businesses adapt to these challenges is the Owner Manager Program (OMP). OMP has produced enormous benefits for those NAB customers who have participated so far. It provides owners with the critical skills and network to help them really challenge and transform their business operations moving forward.

The business owners in the OMP are performing well but have a recognition that they and their business can improve and transition.

In normal conditions, these are factors around growth, exit, succession, new markets/products, or just personal motivation and wellbeing. Following COVID19 these factors are particularly relevant as the program provides an excellent context and process to help owners revamp their business. 

About the Owner Manager Program

The Owner Manager Program is designed for and exclusive to the owners of mid-sized Australian businesses ($3m - $100m).

OMP is a residential business education, coaching, networking, mentoring, and advisory program that follows a proven philosophy and process that has been tested and refined for more than a decade. The program grew out of work at the University of Queensland and the Icehouse (Australasia’s leading business accelerator). 

The core of the program includes five x 3-day residential monthly workshops where business owners are challenged by their peers, facilitators, subject experts, coaches and mentors. Click to learn more.  

How do the NAB part scholarships work?

NAB are offering selected clients and high growth businesses a $5,000 + GST part scholarship towards the program fee. There are also some additional part scholarships available for female business owners.

To receive more information about the Program (dates, costs etc) and register your interest in potentially receiving a NAB part scholarship, complete the form below. You will be sent more information and your NAB bank manager will be notified of your interest.