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Australian Owner Manager delivers practical, effective development and business accelerator programs. These courses are available to the owners of small and mid-sized Australian businesses ($3m-$100m).


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…will challenge you and every aspect of your business. This is done whilst maintaining focus on the core issues, teasing out the solutions with the assistance of the group.

Unlock the Potential

The various programs gather business owners who all face similar aspirations of commercial and personal growth. By bringing groups of business owners, or leaders together, the programs ‘supercharge’ an environment. This is where lateral thinking unlocks potential and breaks down barriers. Furthermore, it teaches participants to open their mind and see business through an entirely different prism. This aerial view encourages participants to step back and change how they operate, resulting in a better business.

Who is Australian Owner Manager?

The organisation and the various programs grew out of work undertaken within the University of Queensland Business School and The Icehouse - Australasia's leading business accelerator. The flagship Australian Owner Manager Program (designed for the owners of mid-sized companies) has been running in Australia for nine years with 250+ alumni. 

Alumni Stories

The Australian Owner Manager Program is a unique development program designed for and exclusive to the owners of mid-sized Australian businesses. It follows a proven philosophy and process that has been tested and refined for more than a decade. Don’t take our word for it, listen to the stories from some of our Alumni. 

Principal Partner - NAB

After reviewing various options to assist their business customers, NAB joined Australian Owner Manager as the exclusive Principal and Banking and Finance Partner.

As part of the partnership NAB are offering their business banking customers a limited number of part scholarships for the Owner Manager Program. Selected clients and high growth businesses can receive a $5,000 + GST part scholarship towards the program fee. There are also additional part scholarships available for female business owners.

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Discover Which Program is Right for You & Your Business

There are five Owner Manager and Leadership programs available. If you’re approaching a business transition, looking to hire or build great staff, looking for ways to work ON versus IN the business, or just want to become the owner you want to be, view our program options here.