Steps to ensure your 2021 New Year’s resolutions stays on track

Steps to ensure

Ever set new years resolutions, only to have them go no where? With 2020 now behind us, it’s time to reflect on those few things that we wanted to change this year. 2021 is certainly the year to focus on making good things happen after recovering from a challenging 2020. Whether it is to  take […]

Spend time to make time!

Spend time to make time

Busy? Good business isn’t “busi-ness”! How are your new year business goals/ objectives/ strategies going? A general principle in business is that you need to “spend money to make money”. This is the basic principle of capital investment, sales, marketing… the list goes on. These factors require you to make the investment and then receive […]

June 2021 OMP16 Graduation

OMP 16 Graduation

Owner Manager Program graduation for OMP16 (which started in late 2020) recently concluded with a few celebrations. The group included a fantastic mix of owners from a broad range of industries including, retail, wholesale, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, business services, and information technology. The program provided significant support, mentoring, and clarity during a time where everything […]

PWC Partnership

PWC Partnership

We are proud to introduce the Owner Manager Business Program PwC Partnership. PwC Private Client Advisory recently joined Australian Owner Manager as a program partner. As part of the connection, Owner Manager Program participants will enjoy the in-depth connection, expertise, and business insights from the Private Client Advisory team. PwC Private Clients is led by […]

FBA Collaboration

FBA Collaboration

Australian Owner Manager recently entered into an Associate Partner collaboration with Family Business Australia (FBA). The collaboration means that both organisations will now be offering extended services and support for owners of Australian family businesses. Family-owned businesses are essential to Australia with 70% of business across Australia being family run. There is a certain understanding […]