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OMP Alumni Corey Vaughan 2Censor

The OMP created a lot of success for me. We were able to create something really huge. We’re patented in most developed countries in the world, and that’s probably the biggest achievement. I still pinch myself.

The Owner Manager Program was life changing for Corey Vaughan. Corey is the General Manager of JCV Services, a pipe maintenance company for the mining industry. When he enrolled in the OMP, he was dabbling in developing a sensor that could predict pipe damage before it happened – saving mining companies millions in financial and environmental damage.

Corey Vaughan, OMP Alumni

At the OMP, Corey explained the proposition to one of the facilitators. It basically felt like he slapped me around the face,” Corey laughs. “He said, ‘You’ve got to understand, this is the future.’”

After that conversation, Corey started focusing on what had previously been a side project. Corey had thought that a sensor would be useful in coal mines in Australia but he now realised it was a far bigger proposition after the conversation at OMP.

The benefits of the Owner Manager Program, Corey emphasises, are difficult to put into words – such is the breadth and unique offering of the program. “It gave me the tools and the reflection and opened my eyes to think of things in more depth.”

Not only were the practical tools crucial but it gave him clarity on his health and his priorities, including spending time with his family. “It wasn’t just the business,” he says. “It was the whole experience that blew me away.”

Now, 2Censor, Corey’s company, is exporting high-tech sensor devices that monitor for wear and tear to South America, the US, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia and India. The company and demand continue to grow and has allowed Corey to travel across the globe – a possibility that he never imagined for his working life.

Corey frequently recommends the program to friends. “I say to them, ‘You deserve to go and do this for you. It’s going to make you work better.’”

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