Owner Manager Stories | Ross Larsson

Ross Larson | OMP Alumni

“I’ve changed more in my business in 5 months than I’ve changed in 5 years”

Ross Larsson is the owner of Mara Global Foods (MGF), a family-owned food ingredient manufacturing business specialising in non-allergen, soy based, gluten free ingredients, located in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Ross was initially introduced to the Owner Manager Program through his bank manager at NAB.

Coming into the program Ross was dealing with rapid growth, seasonal variance, and the changing landscape of the food industry. His bank manager thought the program would be perfect for him.

However, Ross explains that he was concerned about taking time out of his business to attend. On the way to the first block Ross recalls sitting on the freeway deciding whether to take the exit or not,

I seriously considered turning around and going home because I was so concerned about my time. [But] within the first 45 minutes I realised I’d made a really good decision”.

Ross found the variety of different topics covered in the program to be beneficial. He particularly enjoyed the focus on you (the owner) as an asset of the business.  

I believe one of the biggest things was working on myself as the major asset of the company and identifying that if you don’t put as much work into that asset, the rest of your assets are not going to function at all”.

Ross continues by acknowledging that,

the greatest thing you can do for your business is to continue to develop yourself and also your management and leadership teams within your company”.

Take a moment to hear Ross share some reflections about his experience on the Australian Owner Manager Program.

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