“It gave me the tools to take the business to another level”

Kelvin Macdonald

OMP alumni Kelvin MacDonald recently sat down with us to have a chat about how he, and his business, have benefited from completing the Owner Manager Program.

Kelvin is the Senior Director of ADMA Group and his business specialises in designing and building high quality commercial projects such as schools, churches, restaurants and the redevelopment of medical centres.

“It gave me a clearer path on where I want to take the company and how I want to grow it. Prior to that I would have plodded along being a builder. But now we’ve taken the business to a new level and we’ve focused on where we want to go.” In the past, Kelvin’s success had been built through practical hands-on skills. “We were successful but we got there by using our hands but by doing this course, we’re starting to use bigger tools.”

But it’s during his day-to-day at work where he sees the most impact. Before going to OMP, his business had plateaued and with it, the work culture had also hit a plateau. But now, they’ve got their business mojo back. “All the staff are clearly on board, they know where we’re going.”

The result? He’s a big fan of OMP.

“My advice to other business owners is that I recommend it. If you’re after an edge, definitely do it.”


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