Running a business never stops...

Is it time to take a break to improve your business and your life?

Hello again! Thanks for taking a break to drop in and learn how the Owner Manager Program will change you and your business – forever.

The reality is that owning a business is challenging. There are lots of people relying on you as an owner… staff, partner, family, the list goes on… and some days you’re not sure where you’re at, or the business for that matter.  

You have come so far, but sometimes you can feel like you’re stuck in the “weeds”.  It’s only natural for busy business owners to find themselves questioning how can I make this better and what’s next?

Whether you’ve plateaued, growing fast, contemplating exit or succession, or simply looking for a better way to manage business and life, the OMP will help YOU get where you want to go.

“I know where I'm heading now. I've got direction. I'm a new person. I have never in my life said something was life-changing - but the Owner Manager Program was life-changing for me.”
Adrian Connors | OMP Alumni
Adrian Connors
Owner | NE Food Group


We hear you! There are plenty of fly-by-nighters, snake oil sales people, or failed business owners that are out peddling the “we can help you grow x fold” message. The Owner Manager Program is different.

The Owner Manager Program is more about the unique role you have as an owner and helping you to improve and develop your business. Growing out of work completed at the University of Queensland and the International Centre of Entrepreneurship in NZ, OMP genuinely gets results. We personally guarantee it, by name and by reputation.  

What is the Owner Manager Program?

The Owner Manager Program (OMP) is a unique learning exclusive to owners of mid-sized businesses ($3m-$100m annual sales) who are looking for clarity, improvement, balance, and growth – for their businesses and themselves.

Our proven formula for personal and business improvement and transition has worked for hundreds of business owners.

During the program you will gain the practical skills, frameworks and confidence to improve your business and become the owner you want to be.


The OMP Impact...

Over 280 Australian business owners have taken the course in the past 10 years. Research showed their businesses have experienced tremendous growth year-on-year, while they have also found time to focus on what’s most important to them as individuals.

Below is a snapshot of the positive impact experienced by owners and their businesses over 10 years of the Owner Manager Program. 

Impact of OMP on revenue growth
Impact of OMP on profit
Impact of OMP on employee growth
Impact of OMP on business expansion
"The OMP created a lot of success for me. We were able to create something really huge. We’re patented in most developed countries in the world, and that’s probably the biggest achievement. I still pinch myself.”
Corey Vaughan | 2censor
Corey Vaughan
Director | 2Censor

Probably more important than the business impacts mentioned above are the personal benefits to the owners themselves – their personal well-being, the clarity, and the motivation to change. 

OMP gives business owners clarity
OMP has a positive impact on business owners wellbeing
OMP is a catalyst for change

*Statistics are taken from a study analysing 10 years of OMP alumni businesses (277) and the impact of OMP on the owner and their business. The study was undertaken by Samantha Rush, PhD Candidate with the University of Queensland.

What Our Alumni Have to Say….

Want to hear from more OMP alumni? Head to our case studies page

How is the OMP Different?

Unlike other business programs where you’re left to interpret everything yourself, or a tertiary-level business course that focuses on theoretical study, or a single business coach, the OMP is:

Got questions?

Head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to almost all the questions you might have. Prefer to speak to someone? 

It’s time to build the business and life YOU want.

Now is the perfect time for business owners to step back, reflect, adapt, and build a better business in a changing world. The Owner Manager Program is designed to help you do just that.

The program will guide you to become the owner you want to be and continue to develop the business that you own. The clarity, confidence, and connections will change you and your business.

“Decades of experience has shown us that if we can challenge an owner to reflect, change, and improve, we arm them with greater clarity, confidence, skills, and connections to move their business forward. We take great care to connect a diverse group of business owners from a range of different industries that are looking to improve themselves and their business.”

In fact, all our programs are designed to assist owner managers to thrive, whether that be with OMP, or sending your leaders on OML, or attending  Finance for Owners and Managers so that you can build greater value within your business. 

Feel free to schedule a call with me to discuss which program would suit you and your situation best.

Rob Douglas | Executive Director

Rob Douglas | Australian Owner Manager
“It is worth every penny when you’re walking out of it. The return on investment you make here will just be made so quickly when you walk back into your own business.”
Kendall Tait | Owner Manager Program Alumni
Kendall Tait
General Manager | Tait Motors