OWNER MANAGER PROGRAM Never been a better time

There has never been a better time to slot in the Owner Manager Program.  Not only will you kick start the 2021 financial year with the opportunity to refresh and reflect on where you and your business are at; but it is also the perfect time when your diary is not competing with international travel and trade shows. One of the biggest challenges people face when looking to undertake the Owner Manager Program is other things in the diary, including conflicts with other events and engagements. 2021 provides a unique opportunity with no international travel and limited large scale face to face events such as trade shows.

Add to this the fact that we’ve seen the largest business disruption in a generation and 2021 becomes the perfect time to step back and take stock personally on where you and your business are at. omp helps you do that in the context of 15-25 other business owners and approx. 30+ experts to create a really rich personal and business improvement experience.

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