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Australian Owner Manager is the provider of the highly successful Owner Manager Program, along with a range of complimentary programs and masterclasses aimed at accelerating the growth of small ($1m – $3m) and mid-sized ($3m – $100m) privately owned businesses. 

We believe that by boosting the owner with the right tools, application and connections, they can build the business and life they want. Our flagship program creates forward momentum resulting in healthier, more sustainable, and ultimately, much stronger businesses and owners.

We want to partner with organisations that believe this too.

“Add quote from existing partner if available. Remove if not."
Adrian Connors | OMP Alumni
Adrian Connors
Owner | NE Food Group

Who are we?

Growing out of work completed at the University of Queensland Business School and New Zealand’s leading business accelerator, The Icehouse, the Owner Manager Program (OMP) has been completed by more than a thousand business owners in the last two decades.

Using that as a framework, Rob Douglas established the Australian Owner Manager Program in 2012.

Unlike many business courses available, which are largely theoretical, the OMP is a practical, focused, and results-driven program. It’s about helping the owner and their business prosper.

Taught by a range of leading business minds, this course is authentic, challenging and directly applicable. Alumni have reported that not only has the course had a direct impact on the success of their business but that they thoroughly enjoy and benefit personally from the program.

University of Queensland Business School
The icehouse business accelerator

The OMP Impact...

Over 300 Australian business owners have taken the course in the past 10 years. Research showed their businesses have experienced tremendous growth year-on-year, while they have also found time to focus on what’s most important to them as individuals.

Below is a snapshot of the positive impact experienced by owners and their businesses over 10 years of the Owner Manager Program. 

Impact of OMP on revenue growth
Impact of OMP on profit
Impact of OMP on employee growth
Impact of OMP on business expansion
"The OMP created a lot of success for me. We were able to create something really huge. We’re patented in most developed countries in the world, and that’s probably the biggest achievement. I still pinch myself.”
Corey Vaughan | 2censor
Corey Vaughan
Director | 2Censor

Probably more important than the business impacts mentioned above are the personal benefits to the owners themselves – their personal well-being, the clarity, and the motivation to change. 

OMP gives business owners clarity
OMP has a positive impact on business owners wellbeing
OMP is a catalyst for change

*Statistics are taken from a study analysing 10 years of OMP alumni businesses (277) and the impact of OMP on the owner and their business. The study was undertaken by Samantha Rush, PhD Candidate with the University of Queensland.

What Our Alumni Have to Say….

Want to hear from more OMP alumni? Head to our case studies page

Who We Want to Partner with...

We are looking to partner with organisations that have a client or membership base that would benefit from taking the Owner Manager Program or the Small Business Owner Program to improve their personal and business growth.

If our ideal participants are your ideal clients and members, let’s work together!

This includes;

While our programs are not industry-specific, here is a breakdown of participants of the Owner Manager Program by industry and annual revenue.

OMP Participants by Industry
OMP Participants by Revenue

Partner Benefits

Here is a snapshot of the value you gain by partnering with Owner Manager:

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We’d love to chat more about how we can work together to help your clients and members become owners of better businesses.

Together we can tailor a partnership that is mutually beneficial for all involved. 

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