PwC joins Owner Manager as a program partner

PwC Private Client Advisory recently joined Australian Owner Manager as a program partner. As part of the connection, Owner Manager Program participants will enjoy the in-depth connection, expertise, and business insights from the Private Client Advisory team.

PwC Private Clients is led by principal, Rob Ashley, who for more than 30 years has advised entrepreneurs and business owners on improving their growth and profitability. The group co-developed the PwC 'Business X-Ray' framework for assisting business owners.

The X-Ray provides a lens into the current state of a business and offers a framework to help people understand how to manage organisational growth successfully. The PwC team has the experience and tools to manage growth pains, that are an inevitable part of successful organisational development. In the past 8 years their clients have averaged annual year on year improvement in revenue of 20%, profit improvement of 30% and return on capital of 36%.

Rob Douglas, Australian Owner Manager Executive Director said, “the PwC Private Clients Advisory team and Business X-Ray framework provides a comprehensive and progressive insight into many aspects that business owners should consider. We see this as a valuable addition to the proven, immersive, and practical development that the Owner Manager Program provides to participants and alumni.”

About Australian Owner Manager: Australian Owner Manager delivers practical, effective education and development to the owners of mid-sized Australian businesses ($3m-$100m). The organisation and the various programs grew out of work undertaken at the icehouse – one of Australasia's leading business accelerators and the University of Queensland Business School. The flagship Australian Owner Manager Program has been running in Australia since 2012 and was adapted from a similar program started at the icehouse in New Zealand in 2001. More about Australian Owner Manager - https://ownermanager.com.au/

About PwC Australia (Private Clients Advisory): PwC Private Clients Advisory is a specialist group within PwC Australia. The group works with Small to Medium business owners to guide them realise their financial aspirations and improve their business performance, namely Get fit, Get funded, Get big, and Get out. Dedicated to working with private businesses, families, and individuals and as part of network of firms in 158 countries with over 250,000 people, PwC is one of the top 50 brands worldwide.

More about PwC Private Clients Advisory - https://www.pwc.com.au/private-clients/advisory.html