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Business Finance Masterclass for Owners and Managers

Finance for Owners and Managers

The Finance for Owners and Managers (previously called Business Finance Masterclass) is a two-day business program designed to revolutionise the way you understand business financials, build business value, and align company operations. This intensive short course has been designed using a proprietary interactive face-to-face simulation which provides business owners and managers with hands-on experience acting in all areas of a company to understand business financials and build business value.
The Masterclass was created to enhance the financial learnings established in the Owner Manager Program. Throughout the Masterclass, you will gain hands-on practice with financial analysis and planning tools, examine market drivers, competitor awareness, strategic analysis, update strategic plans in response to changes in the industry and marketplace, as well as financial literacy including budgeting, cash flow, and performance measurement and analysis.
Barry Johnston, Director of Income/Outcome Australia Pty Ltd, will be facilitating the Masterclass over two days at the Brisbane CBD facility of The University of Queensland Business School.
The simulation used in this short course is recognised and practised at institutions around the world, including Purdue University and Texas A&M University. Hundreds of leading brands have trusted FPSM including Coca-Cola, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Michelin, Motorola, OshKosh, BASF, and more.
Finance for Owners and Managers will help you analyse budgeting, forecasting, and strategy to ensure you reach your company’s financial and strategic goals.
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