NE Food (Adrian Connors OMP9) set to close flagship before relaunch

Burp, eat, drink

Adrian Connors (OMP9) is closing his much loved Mackay restaurant Voted best restaurant in Mackay in a poll undertaken by the local newspaper the Daily Mercury, Connors is ending an era on a high note. was the flagship restaurant of the NE Food Group and they will be rebranding and relaunching a new restaurant offering at the Wood Street location.

“We are pushing into the direction of a more casual affair and enjoy great quality food but in an environment that is relaxed,” said Connors to the Daily Mercury earlier this year. Following news of the closure an article that appeared in the local newspaper more than 9 years ago has resurfaced announcing the launch of the now iconic local restaurant.

Adrian Connors

In the lead up to the launch Connors was quoted as saying “You know where you are when you’re still cleaning the toilet yourself.” After nearly ten successful years at the forefront of the Mackay dining scene we hope that is at least one job Connors has been able to delegate before the launch of the new offering.

Here at Australian Owner Manager we’re looking forward to seeing what NE Food Group come up with and have no doubt it will be an exicting addition to the local restaurant culture of Mackay.

You can read the entire article about the launch of here.

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