Kinetic Orthotics 3D Print PPE

Kinetic Orthotics (OMP3) have been helping the local community during the pandemic by putting their 3D printers to good use producing PPE face shields for Sunshine Coast hospital.

They were asked to help in April after the hospital was searching for supplies with no success. Kinetic Orthotics can now 3D print up to 500 face shields per week for front line medical professionals.

About Kinetic Orthotics®

Kinetic Orthotics® specialise in custom made foot orthotics. They were the first company in Australia to use computer integrated manufacturing technology to design and manufacture prescription foot orthotics. They have continued to refine and develop their technology over the past 17 years. Kinetic Orthotics® ongoing efforts in developing university research in the area of biomechanics and the use of selective evidence based protocols is leading to a new appreciation of prescription orthotic therapy.

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