OMP20 NSW Cohort – 2022

Congratulations to the OMP20 Cohort, our first in NSW since 2020! 

NSW celebrated its first cohort completion since 2020 (thanks to COVID) in great style and the group reflected really positively and honestly on where the OMP had taken them. 

Group Reflections:  

– Clarity, Comradery, Confidence: Getting clear direction about all the opportunities we have.

Confidence to move forward comes from the clarity that we have gained.

– Perspective: Opened my eyes to a lot of things. Especially looking at things from a bigger picture.

– Strategy, Clarity, and Passion: Blown away with the content and facilitators. Didn’t really have a clear strategy in the business previously.

– Reigniting my passion for the business: Made me step away and gave me a different motivation and context around the business.

– Transforming: Been an interesting journey. My perspective has changed and transformed. It’s been great. Excited by what is ahead.

– Motivating and Accountability: Who you know, not what you know. Feel lucky to be here, to be honest.

– Practical and Real: This course really provided clarity and with an amazing bunch of people.

– Growth: This is on all levels. Had the view that I was too young. That was squashed. 

– Meeting like-minded people: Hearing stories and experiences from passionate facilitators & speakers, makes you think differently.

– Learning: I’ve done a lot of learning.  Thank you OMP.

Thank you OMP20, and if you would like to be part of the next NSW Owner Manager Program Cohort, please get in touch.

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