OMP22 Cohort Celebrate

Congratulations to our OMP22 group! OMP22 rounded off our final Owner Manager Program for 2022 with a diverse group of businesses including farming, forestry, manufacturing, professional services, retail, construction, and more.

The program started in August 2022 and was hosted by our valued partners at Spicers Hidden ValeAfter five months, the final block of the program was met with a well-deserved night of celebrations held with peers and family who, as we know, are integral to the success and support of any business owner.

The program achieved an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 92.

Alumni Comments

As the program came to a close, we asked participants to share their thoughts on what they gained from the experience. Here is what they had to say:

“This course has ignited a passion and drive inside of me to make changes in the business. It’s highlighted my purpose in life.”

I had lost all clarity and direction. I have come out really clear on where we are going. Game changer for me. I was ready to walk out of the business.”

Leaning into a group like this, I’ve learned so much. The tools I’ve learned from all the speakers have been the most valuable. The structure, the people, and the communication on how to do that. It’s taken a weight off my shoulders.”

The panel sessions have really set our goals. We know where we are going and we know how to get there.”

Thanks to the support I have received in the program I feel, with the support of my staff, we can turn the business around.”

“The business was at a crossroads. After the Panel session, it became very clear what we need to do.”

Invaluable for me to hear everyone’s journey and learn and grow with everyone. It’s amazing how much you can take away after 30mins with an expert in a field.”

“Clarity, Vision & Direction. I realised I hadn’t been giving clear direction to my team”

“I feel like I know a lot more about business and MY business. When I came in I felt like I had a plan but it wasn’t clear. I have learned the importance of having a long-term vision and the power of writing it down and having it on paper. “

“Timing & Vision. Putting that first in front of everything else and executing behind it.”

Thanks OMP22, we look forward to watching and supporting your continued success!

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