Is your gut telling you to change?

Is you gut telling you to change Owner Manager Program

There are thousands of quotes inspiring business owners to embrace change.

“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital” – wise words from Warren G. Bennis, an American leadership expert. (d. 2014)


“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often” – a highly aspirational (if not, a tad too ambitious) cry from Winston Churchill. (d. 1965)


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – innovative words from Socrates (d. 399 bce)


All three of these guys are sadly dead, but the idea that business owners and leaders need to embrace change is even more relevant now as it was then.


Change is hard

One of the key factors that can make it difficult for people to change is the presence of deep-rooted habits and patterns of behaviour. In business we refer to this as “business as usual”.

For many business owners they concentrate on working extremely hard, naturally falling into operational patterns and systems that are rarely challenged. They continue to keep their heads down working and working until one day, something no longer feels right.

They may not have had a decent holiday in years. Their product development has stalled. Their profits could improve. Their team isn’t working as one. They feel increasing lonely and burnt out.


What needs to change?

Pinpointing exactly what needs to change is often difficult. However, the exact same gut that inspired the business owner to take an entrepreneurial journey is now speaking up – something needs to change.


Business Owner making changes - Dilbert Cartoon


All the owners that we work with start our programs because they want to change – “something”.

Some owners want to find more balance between their work and personal life and finally take a holiday. Others want to operate their business to be more profitable, sustainable or productive. Many are not sure what the future holds. Most want to achieve it all! But, how?

While their businesses may appear to be different to the person sitting next to them, three things are always the same on day one:

  1. They lack clarity on where exactly they are headed
  2. They lack direction on how they will achieve their goals
  3. They lack the tools, knowledge, and discipline to make it happen


Finding clarity

At Australian Owner Manager we believe that with the right tools, knowledge and empowerment owner managers and their businesses can thrive. Our focus is to support the owner. If they are willing to embrace change, the changes required for their business to grow or for them to take a holiday will be made with clarity and confidence.

Studies have shown that social support and accountability can be powerful tools for promoting change. When individuals have the support of other like-minded business owners and are held accountable, they are more likely to make and sustain changes over time.

Following a recent study of ten years of Owner Manager Program alumni*

  • 98% described the programs as being a catalyst for positive change
  • 98% reported the program had a positive impact on their personal wellbeing
  • 95% said the program gave them personal & business clarity and direction


When a business owner feels supported, by mentors, peers and the right tools and knowledge, there is no end to what they can achieve and the happiness they will feel.

And, that quote can be credited to us – Australian Owner Manager.


Does your gut say something needs to change? Click the link to learn more about joining the Owner Manager Programmake 2023 the year you listen to your gut.


*Statistics taken from a study analysing 10 years of OMP alumni businesses (277) and the impact of OMP on the owner and their business. Study undertaken by Samantha Rush, PhD Candidate with the University of Queensland, researching decision making.



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