Jean-Pierre Wholesale Bakery Receives National Attention

Jean Pierre Bakery has a visit from the Prime Minister

Jean-Pierre Wholesale Bakery secures a government grant and has a visit from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

OMP19 alumni, Jean-Pierre, is awarded $1.74m as a part of the Northern Australia Development Program. With the funding, Jean-Pierre Wholesale Bakery reported that they plan to “construct a new food manufacturing facility in Townsville, which will allow its artisan bakery to scale up production capacity and diversify its operations by introducing the first par-baked bread facility in Northern Australia.”

After being awarded the grant, Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited Jean-Pierre Wholesale Bakery on his Northern Australia election campaign tour.

Jean-Pierre said that he does not believe this would have been possible without the Owner Manager Program and his business mentor. Congratulations Jean-Pierre!

jean pierre bakery grant newspaper clipping

OMP18 Alumni, Jean-Pierre, is awarded funding to further develop his French patisserie in Townsville.

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