Joanne Payne

Joanne Payne's (OMP2) Braeside Quarries helps develop new explosive free of fossil fuels

Using fossil fuels in quarries and mines could be a practice of the past with Joanne Payne's (OMP2) Braeside Quarries helping to develop new explosives that could eliminate the use of the fuels.

The company was awarded an IQA gold environment award in October and it was reported in the Warwick Daily News

"It means that it doesn't matter if you're a big company or a small company, you can make a contribution to the environment,” Mrs Payne said.

"Quarrying is a very destructive type of industry and we need to find ways to make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future.”

The new technology uses rub, like that found in old tyres, as a safe alternative to ammonium nitrate fuel oil and emulsion products.

You can read more about the new technology here.