8 Steps of Negotiation

Negotiating is a true skill and done every single day in both business and personal life. This trading process all comes down to value, negotiation strategies and how you adjust your position in order for both sides to come to an agreement. 

You may feel that your ability to be a strong negotiator solely relies on which party is more passionate about the outcome. However, there are key strategies you can implement so you’re always prepared to excel in a negotiation, no matter how big or small the matter.

At our recent Owner Manager Exchange, we had the pleasure of hearing from negotiation expert, Scotwork. Scotwork’s fundamental 8 Steps of Negotiation include Prepare, Argue, Signal, Propose, Package, Bargain, Close and Agree

With thoughtful planning, clear objectives, thorough research, flexible concession and negotiating dialogue, you can step into any negotiation level-headed and with confidence.

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