OMP19 Celebration July 2022

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Congratulations to the OMP19 group! OMP19 participants were business owners from a diverse array of companies including electrical, retail, business services, freight and transport, and more.

The program started in March 2022 just as major flooding hit Queensland. It was part of a constant reminder that the world is constantly changing and business needs to change with it.

The program covered core topics that are adapted to the relevant needs of the time including a focus on attracting and retaining key staff, finding clarity, working with new technologies, managing well-being, happiness, stress and working hours, improving cash flow, supply chain and business strategy, as well as the opportunity, be challenged personally on your individual style, performance, and resilience.

After five months, the final block of the program was met with a well-deserved night of celebrations held with peers and family at the spectacular Spicers retreat.

The program achieved an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93.

Alumni Comments

Here is what some of the participants have had to say about their experience on the Owner Manager Program…

“I now have a clear timeframe, goal and structure for what I want to achieve. It’s been worth the hard work.”

“Would 100% recommend this program to any potential participant.”

“I now feel confident in my skillset to deliver our structure and direction.”

“I can’t thank each of you enough for the personal support from the group.”

“I wanted to create a business I can be proud of and this course has done that for me.”

“I feel more confident to move forward and grow.”

“The content has been amazing.”

“I’ve learnt that success is measured in many ways and that I need to be kinder to myself.

“The biggest change for me is a lot more family time. I now have one day off a week to spend with my family.”

“Being surrounded by facilitators and subject specialists who have been there and done it has been a huge support.”

“I’m thankful I’ve done this course in my 30s.”

“This environment is amazing to share issues openly that you’ve never shared before.”

“The program helped me to trust that there’s always a solution.”


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