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Staff Recruitment

Attracting and retaining key people in your business.

At Australian Owner Manager we talk to a lot of business owners! One current theme and challenge is how to attract and retain great employee’s that add value to your business.

This is something that we deal with in great detail on the Owner Manager Program thanks to Mandy Johnson – one of the Program facilitators.

Mandy Johnson, is a best selling author, speaker, and business advisor to both public and private organisations. Before working with Australian Owner Manager she was the director of global travel giant Flight Centre’s UK start-up operation. Which inspired her book, ‘Winning the war for talent: How to attract & keep the people who make your business profitable’.

The principles outlined in Winning the War for Talent are simple, consistent, and they work. We highly recommend them because we have seen the outcomes as alumni from the program have applied them thanks to Mandy’s assistance and expertise.

They all came about as a result of the Flight Centre project where Mandy was struggling to attract and keep good people in the business. She then went about developing her own techniques and through trial and error has come up with tools to help you in your business.

Below are some links to a number of free tools and resources that will help with staff attraction and retention. 

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