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Rockhampton Gallery

Woollam Constructions to build Rockhampton Art Gallery

Owner Manager Program Alumni, Woollam Constructions Managing Director Craig Percival signs deal to build Rockhampton’s $31.5 million Art Gallery.

The gallery will be opening in 2021, the project will create over 180 jobs for the region. The Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk – applauded Woollam Constructions for its policy of using local tradespeople and suppliers. Woollam Constructions Team. Rockhampton Art Gallery.

Rockhampton Gallery
Rockhampton Gallery

Woollam Constructions Managing Director Craig Percival said the gallery would make Rockhampton proud.

“It will be the stuff of legend – a project that our people will consider a legacy,” he said.

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Rockhampton Art Gallery

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