2021 OM Leadership Programs (OML)

OM Leadership Program

If there is one factor that makes a significant difference in a business progression it is a capable and aligned leadership team. The Owner Manager Business Programs Owner Manager Leadership Program deals with this deficiency.

Many private businesses struggle with the transition, from owner to managers, and from managers to a functioning management and leadership team. COVID created an interesting year. Owners and managers were faced with a lot of uncertainty and the need to adapt to changing requirements and regulations. Many companies had to ensure they were on their game in managing staff to keep them motivated and focused.

Out of all of this, it is great to see strong demand for 2021’s first Owner Manager Business Programs Owner Manager Leadership Program. It indicates an ongoing need for private businesses to continually develop their senior people.

OML is a unique residential program. It is designed specifically to develop the skills of senior managers and owners of privately managed businesses. It’s a practical, hands-on program focused on the application and business leadership knowledge and management expertise in private companies. Participants gain insight and develop new skills and knowledge that adds real value to the business in which they work.

The program is set out to develop and refine managers personal, business and leadership skills. It also gives them access to a fantastic network of business mentors, experts and other leaders they can connect with.”

If you’re interested to discuss if OM Leadership program is right for your senior managers, please get in touch.

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