Debunking Health Myths in the Scientific Age

Debunking Health Myths | Lemon in Glass of water

An integral part of the Owner Manager Program is learning the importance of looking after your own health – physically and mentally – to thrive as a business owner.

But in an age where we are overwhelmed with “advice” on what to eat, drink and how much sleep we need – how are you meant to know what will work best?

Our expert presenters from the Resilience Institute and Ford Health approach health and well-being from a scientific perspective and demonstrate practical, evidence-based methods and practices. Much like all aspects of the Owner Manager Program, they give business owners tools and applications that are backed by research and proven to get results.

In a recent article by the Resilience Institute on 10 Health Myths in the Scientific Age, they outline that despite all the knowledge available, “we still show remarkable gullibility” when it comes to looking after our health and well-being.

Check out the full article to discover which 10 popular health myths may do you more harm than good.

READ MORE: 10 Health Myths in the Scientific Age

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