Rob takes on the Full Monty!

The full monty

Rob Douglas, Executive Director of the Australian Owner Manager, talks about his recent experience undertaking the Executive Health Assessment (the Full Monty!) at Ford Health.

The Australian Owner Manager Program has been associated with Dr Toby Ford and Ford Health for the last 5 years, so I thought it was about time I bit the bullet and signed up for the Executive Health Assessment or the Ford Health “Full Monty” (as we commonly call it on the Owner Manager Program).

Prior to the assessment I had to complete an extensive online questionnaire and provide blood and urine tests for analysis. I should also note that I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Toby, which from my perspective was a good thing as sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger all your ailments.

The assessment started with a session with the Exercise Physiologist. He assessed my height and weight and surprisingly my height wasn’t high enough and my weight wasn’t low enough… nothing I didn’t already know. More importantly my waist measurement screamed out my not-so-secret addiction to good kiwi ice-cream. We then assessed hearing, which was surprisingly pretty good and a complete surprise to those at home!

Mobility, flexibility, core strength and posture were next. Needless to say, I could do a bit of work to improve not only touching my toes, but merely reaching my toes (at least I could see my toes). I also need to sit and stand a little taller and straighter. Then there was a shave of the “silver fox” chest hair to plug into the ECG. The initial test was at a standing start and then I was on the tread mill to give the heart a bit of a stress test. Let’s just say the results could have been better… much better.

Now it was time for a session with the doctor and a full check and discussion around well-being. She reviewed my blood test and talked about those items needing attention. Interesting to note that through the analysis Ford Health completes, two of the core things that effect performance are Sleep and Exercise. I’ve never had a problem sleeping, but my level of exercise could certainly improve. There was a long discussion on mental well-being (which for the purposes of this article is off limits 🙂 and finally, a skin and vital organ check for signs of any cancerous lumps or abnormalities. Current guidelines suggest that the PSA test is a good first indicator of prostate problems so thankfully I was saved from the back-door invasion.

Overall, what stood out for me was the opportunity to discuss stress, mental health and overall well-being and start to think of ways to improve my quality of life. As noted, the benefits are personal and the return on investment is significant, especially as the years roll on. There are some great stories of Executives and Business Owners that return annually to find their measurements and results improving just by focusing on small improvements over time. I am now sufficiently motivated to make a few changes, not bad in the lead up to Christmas!

I would highly recommend a similar assessment to all working professionals, especially males, who generally don’t consider their overall health and well-being until something goes wrong. Above all, it was very reassuring to spend time with a doctor that has over 22 years in Executive Health and a very pragmatic and proactive approach to well being.

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